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    Truck Wreckers in Sydney

    Welcome to the top quality truck wreckers, who provide the maximum dollars for your old unwanted trucks up to $24,999 on the spot with free pick up. Truck Buyers is a company who also provides the best quality truck spare parts at a low cost. Our firm is NSW’s most trusted old truck wrecker with the support of the best truck dismantling, recycling and disposal experts.

    Why choose our professional truck wrecking service?

    • You might be wondering why choosing a professional truck wrecker is preferable to doing the work on your own.

    • There are risks have to face while handling scrap trucks, just as there are risks associated with dealing with unwanted truck dismantling.

    • Old trucks can leak toxic substances that can harm your driveway and the environment if they are not properly disposed of. So our scrap yard consists of mechanisms that help to dispose of toxic substances in an eco-friendly way.

    Steps in Truck Wrecking

    Recycle - You may be aware that about 75% of a truck's body is made of recyclable metal. And we have years of experience recycling old trucks. Once the truck arrived at our scrap yard, we dismantle all the working parts of the truck and separate the recyclable materials. Then we recycle those parts such as doors, engines, metals, gearbox, brakes, clutches, fuel injectors, petrol or diesel tanks, headlights, tyres etc. We transport the glass and other recyclables to companies that specialise in recycling them. The new products can be manufactured with these recycled parts.

    Reuse - When trucks come to the salvage yard, we prepare that for dismantling by draining the liquid. Once all the liquid is drained, we rid of the spare parts that are in working condition. We repair and recycle these components. Then, we assess them for usability. We sell them as the best-used truck parts at a fair price once they pass the quality inspection. At last, we sell these spares to customers who are looking for second-hand truck parts at low prices.

    Disposal - The things that are left over after we take out every recyclable part need to be disposed of. We dispose of these parts in accordance with the government's recommended procedure to prevent environmental harm. We follow all safety precautions and dispose of these remaining toxic substances in Environmental Friendly Way.

    At Truck Buyers, we will pay you cash so that we may remove your scrap truck. All of your scrap, old, damaged, rusted, unwanted, and unregistered trucks are taken care of by us. Don’t think the fact that junk does not have any value. Contact our top-rated truck wreckers in Sydney, which serves the entire state of NSW. Our truck wrecking company buys all makes and models of heavy trucks, including Australian, American, European, and Japanese and buys all brands such as Volvo, Hino, Isuzu, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Ford, Sterling, UD, and Fuso.